” Another International Achievement of Kanoon”

Upated on :April 14, 2010

“The Merchant and the Parrot”, Kanoon’s books that has gained a lot of success in the world of publishing in recent years is published bilingually (Persian-Norwegian) by a Norwegian publisher affiliated to storytelling house of Norway.   The book is published following the annual holding of Rumi festival by storytelling house of Norway and is going to be distributed in Central Library and bookselling shops of Norway.         Classic music, folkloric, book and literature of Rumi, are different parts of this festival which is hold from 21 to 22 of November with the presence of 17 foreign guests from 7 different countries and introduction of “The Merchant and the Parrot”. It is considerable that the book has previously been published in Chinese, Italian, and French languages.

The other title of Kanoon “The Young man and the Shifty Tailor” written by Ms. Sharareh Vazifeshenas and illustrated by Ms. Rashin Kheyrieh is published by a Korean publisher in 2000 copies.

“The Jar” the other title of Kanoon’s books written by Mr. Hooshang Moradi Kermani published by Kanoon in 2004 is published by a Taiwanian publisher as well.

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