Zagreb Illustration competition

Upated on :October 5, 2009

Croatian illustrations held since 2000 and discuss the need to organise another exhibition of the same kind in Zagreb, in the Klovićevi dvori Gallery, the quality of current Croatian production of illustrations as a basic starting point, which needs to be substantiated by a critical and scholarly gallery presentation was highlighted.     The cycle of exhibitions in the Gradec Gallery on Katarinin trg Square, under the name Croatian Illustration and Illustrators, was planned as three or four exhibitions a year to fill an exhibition and gallery vacancy, and also to reduce another void, the silence of the art critics who had until then followed the work of Croatian illustrators.

The exhibitions managed to accomplish these goals in the first and only year when they were held. There was a retrospective presentation of the illustrations of Ivan Vitez which consisted of a selection of eight hundred illustrations, the exhibition Pictographs of Words by Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić, which also had a great success outside Zagreb, and the retrospective of the recently deceased Rudi Stipković.

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