Six Iranian books are assigned as Hong Kong schools’ side studies

Upated on :July 23, 2011

Kanoon’s six books have been translated in Chinese and published by a Hong Kong publisher and have been assigned as side studies for schools in Hong Kong. Kanoon’s Public Relations reports that these books’ copyright was sold to a Hong Kong publisher, Cotton Tree, during the 20th International Book Fair in Hong Kong last summer, […]


Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s Glow-worms Fight the Darkness

Upated on :July 4, 2011

Well-known children and adolescence literature author and poet, Ahmadreza Ahmadi in his newly published book “Traveling at Night”, narrates the story of the glow-worms who do not withhold emitting their lights to the world. They wait for the sunset then start descending the old fig tree, go out the big garden and follow each other to fight the darkness of night.
The glow-worms give light to the sea and the earth to make the boats find the direction, help lost and thirsty people find their ways and the hungry birds find food in snowy and cold weather.
Reported by the public relations of Kanoon, the poetic sense of Ahmadi along with the fascinating illustrations by Mahkameh Shabani and the unique kind of graphic design by Kourosh Parsanejad, encourage the readers of the book to see the pictures well and read the story more attentively.
Kourosh Parsanejad the graphic designer of “Travel at night”, explained, “Pictures of the book look like tableaus. The separation of picture and text is done considering the differences in the texts.
He spoke briefly of Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s works and said, “As Ahmadi writes with a poetic sense, his prose are poetic and his poems look like prose, and that he writes for higher age groups we tried to design the book with the same sense.
At the end, Parsanejad said, “This type of graphic designing of the book is not only creative, but a kind of pictorial use of letters which usually confronts negative reaction, but we hope it will gradually lead to a new method.
The book “Travel at night” in 56 pages, 5000 print run and a price of 40,000 rials categorized in D age group (guidance school) and published by the production dept. of Kanoon hits the market.


Selection of Iranian Painting Works in 16th International Competition of The Magazine “The World of Art”-Slovenia 2011

Upated on :July 3, 2011

Three Iranian children were awarded honorary diploma at the 16th International Painting Competition of the magazine “The world of Art”.