Upated on :April 14, 2012

Original Title: Mahe Mehraban

Director: Nazanin Sobhan-Sarbandi

Writer: Marjan Fooladvand

Animator: Shahrzad Akrami

Sound: Changiz Sayyad

Music: Milad Derakhshani

Edit: Mohammad Nasseri

Graphic: Nazanin Sobhan Sarbandi

Production Company: KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual

Development of Children & Young Adults)

2012, Cut-Out, HD, Color, Stereo, non-verbal, 7 min. 26 sec.



In the Summers, the weather was getting hot and the people slept on the roofs. Their looks were at sky and looked at the Moon and Stars.

Moon almost knew all the Children and had a good memory of them.

The Children went to the rooms when the cold season was coming and the windows were closed.

Moon was sad and alone, till a new friend was found.



  • Giffoni International Film Festival, 14-24 July 2012, Italy (International Competition Section)
  • 15 Annual BAMKids International Film Festival, 1-3 Feb., 2013, USA (Competition Section (Bammies))
  • Seattle Children’s Film Festival, 23 Jan 2 Feb., 2014, USA  (Int’l Competition Section)
  • Seattle Children’s Film Festival, 23 Jan 8 Feb., 2014, USA (Int’l Competition Section)
  • 9th Annual REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival, Los Angles, 2014, USA  (Int’l Competition Section)





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