A Ladder to the Sky

Upated on :July 16, 2014

Written by: Yoosef Ghojagh

Translated by: Siamak Mazloomi

The novel happens at Turkmen Desert in Iran. Yashar and Aidin are orphans. Aidin has passed his military service and is going to come back home in a week. One day, Yashar notices that the villagers have changed and become too kind to him. The next day, Aidin’s dead body, martyred at the war, is brought to the village,  and the villagers in Turkmen Desert put him on a ladder to carry him to the cemetery based on their rituals. Taiti, a sage at the village, put the ladder pointed to the sky at the top of his grave instead of the tombstone.  There are only three other ladders pointed to the sky at their cemetery.Taiti then narrates the story of a young woman, Altin, whose husband, Ghalkan, was killed at the war against the Tsars. She went to the war to take his revenge, but she was injured and returned to the village.

Taiti also mentions that after Altin returns to the village, she erects a ladder at the top of her husband’s and her son’s graves because her husband wished to have a ladder to reach the skies when he looked at the green pastures and the blue sky riding his horse in Turkmen Desert.

Everybody at the funeral was revealed that Altin and Ghalkan were Aidin’s grandparents.

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