The Trees

Upated on :May 5, 2003

derakhtan “Tree” which is the first ecology book for children by ACCU; co-Publication Program; was published in 1995. This book was translated into Persian and has been published by Kanoon recently. The book “Trees” consists of five chapters; in the first chapter, there are stories & legends about incredible & unique trees of the Asian/Pacific region, in the second chapter you can find information on trees and forests, the third chapter has the introduction to ecosystem of trees, in the fourth chapter there are some information on how we can benefit from trees, and in the fifth chapter, you can find articles and poems on forests destruction and how we can preserve trees.
Many illustrators and writers from over 17 countries in Asian/Pacific countries have contributed their works to this book. It is noteworthy that Kanoon has translated & published some other books from this center so far, from which we can name:
“Can You Find Me”, “Folk Tales From Asia” and “Water”.

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