About us

You can see tomorrows

In today’s children’s eyes

You can build up tomorrows

With their little hands

And their colorful dreams

Children and Young Adults build up tomorrows

That’s what Kanoon thinks and how it performs

The long history of attempts of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon) in children’s art and literature reveals some culturally effective performance.  Such attempts have begun since 1344 (1965), aiming at creating some pedagogical, educational works for children and young adults. These works have been scrutinized and evaluated in every subject. That is why these works have been considered acceptable and valuable both for children and adolescents in Iran as well as in other countries and have been highly welcomed by both scholars and laymen.

Artistic and Cultural Activities

Artistic-Cultural Centers (The Libraries)

One million children and young adults between 6 and 16 have obtained membership in Kanoon’s 750 libraries all over the country. They have been presented over 40 activities, including storytelling, holding miscellaneous literary and artistic workshops such as painting, pottery, and calligraphy, showing films, preparing some bulletins, acting out some plays, taking them to some field trips, and holding some galleries from their works.  These are all just part of what is going on in Kanoon’s libraries.

In addition, there are 55 corresponding libraries, 47 itinerant libraries for villages, and 12 itinerant libraries for cities working throughout the country.

The Reference Library

The most important specialized library dealing with children’s training, education, art and literature is Kanoon’s Reference Library.  This library presents some selections of the best children’s and adolescents’ books and periodicals in 25 languages as well as a treasure of references, books, and periodicals in Persian and various dialects all over Iran.

Technical Centers

There are some more technical centers such as the Observatory and the Biology Center, established to grow children’s and teenagers’ knowledge of science.

Moreover, there are some ‘Comprehensive Centers’ for the disabled children and adolescents.


Children’s Museum: Artists in Kanoon often create some high-quality masterpieces, which require an adequate place to preserve them and to present them to their audience.  Children’s Museum provides such a space.

History Museum: This museum attracts the audience by giving them some information on the human being’s social life history, the history of the Earth, and the history of Islam.

Over 20,000 people visit kanoon’s museums annually.

Productive Activities

Publishing Center

Considering the number of titles and issues of children’s and adolescent’s books, Kanoon has been the first publishing center in Iran.  During four decades, Kanoon has published more than 1500 titles, including some educational, scientific, literary, and religious subjects, excluding their electronic versions.  These books have been regarded as prototypes due to their form and content.  They include some English, Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto, and Bosnian translations and some Brail versions.  There have also been some 20 film scripts.  Doing all the steps of publication and distribution by itself has introduced this center more than just a publishing center.

Film Producing Center

Kanoon’s Film Producing Center has annually produced more than 10 features, documentaries, animations and short fictions, for children and young adults between 6 and 16 since 1349 (1970). These films have mostly been popular among children and young adults and professionals as well, winning awards in some national and international film festivals.

Kanoon’s Film Producing Center has also produced some TV programs and reports.  Some of its productions have won some international awards in some international festivals.

This center annually holds the International Animation Festival, which provides an appropriate atmosphere to exchange ideas and thoughts and to encourage young talents.

This center also produces music cassettes and CDs for children and teens.

Kanoon owns some theaters in Tehran, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Arak, and Shahr-e-Kurd.

Theater and Puppet Show Center

Kanoon’s Theater Center has been the most active live theater and puppet show center all over Iran.  After evaluating the plays and selecting the best ones, this center acts them out in various cities and theaters whether domestically or itinerantly.

The Creative Games and Entertainment Center

This center produces toys, disks, multimedia, Dara and Sara dolls in various outfits and their peripherals.  It also provides some entertaining instruments for the playgrounds and kindergartens and some recreation for the disabled children.

Research Activities

The Research Center

The main goal of various researches done in Kanoon is to promote the scientific aspect of the productions.  Performing research in a variety of subjects will provide Kanoon with a scholarly insight into its wide range of activities.

Iran Language Institute (ILI)

Over 400,000 language learners are currently learning English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish and Persian in its numerous branches in Tehran and many other cities all over Iran, enjoying 1200 teachers’ invaluable expertise.  Over 45 institutes are involved with instructing TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses throughout the country, applying the latest co-educational facilities.

The Training Center

A variety of intensive training courses and modular syllabi have been designed and executed at different levels, aiming at advancing the Kanoon’s personnel’s knowledge and expertise.

Official and Financial Activities

Kanoon is also involved with a burdensome of official and financial activities, including some official and public services, budget provisions and plans, credit distribution, construction of artistic-cultural centers, office management, equipping and supporting the constructional activities, and providing the personnel’s welfare.

Commercial Activities

Kanoon has developed some 77 stores throughout the country to present its miscellaneous products. Kanoon has supervised the production of 300 peripherals for Sara and Dara dolls, cooperating with some private companies.

Children and young adults can also have access to Kanoon’s products through the membership.

Attending the International Arena

To promote its cultural and artistic exchanges internationally, Kanoon has the membership in CIFEJ (The International Film Center for Children and Young Adults), ASSITEJ (The International Association professional Theater for Children and Young Adults), ACCU (The Asia/Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO), UNICEF The United Nations International Children’s Education Fund), UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions), IBBY (The International Board on Books for Young People). It holds some collaborative cultural-artistic programs with its counterparts.  It also actively participates in different artistic-cultural festivals and competitions on books and book illustrations, movies, plays, and paintings.

Public Relations and Information