Are You the Golden Beak?

Upated on :February 20, 2013

Written by: Abdoreza Samadi

Illustrated by: Marjan Babamrandi

This book includes two short stories.

The Golden Beak: A little bird, called the Golden Beak, was very sad because he thought nobody liked his singing. One day, he decided to go on a journey and leave his friends. But when his friends heard of his decision, they tried to stop him going away because they were accustomed to his singing. They actually made him understand how much they loved his singing.

The Ladybird and the Buzzing Bug: Madame Ladybird was too upset because she had nothing to do. She didn’t like to be idle. She was used to making and repairing others’ shoes. But nobody needed any repairs or any new shoes; she had already repaired all her neighbors’ shoes. The Buzzing Bug was concerned about Madame Ladybird’s condition and wanted to help her in a way, so he started flying to find something to do for Madame Ladybird. He offered everyone on his way to go to the ladybird if they needed any new shoes or any repairs. Finally, he found the Centipede whose shoes were all worn-out.  He was looking for someone to make him new shoes. The Buzzing Bug was delighted and took him to the Ladybird to make him shoes.


Are You the Golden Beak

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