ASSITEJ IRAN’s Programs for the Celebrations in Occasion Theater World Day 2010

Upated on :October 5, 2009

Title: Ordibehesht Month of Iran’s Theater

Date: 21st of April- 21st May, 2010

The delay is because of New Year’s Holidays

Organizer: ASSITEJ IRAN (Kanoon) in collaboration with The Dramatic Art Center

Venue: Theater Center of Kanoon & 770 Cultural and Artistic Centers of Kanoon Throughout the Country


– In Theater Center

1- Puppet, Photo, Poster, Archetype and Theatrical Books Exhibition of 40 years theater activities of Kanoon

2- Professional, Theatrical Forums on

  • Children’s Theater- Injuries
  • Children’s Theater- Audience
  • Children’s Theater- Subjects
  • Children’s Theater- Legends

1- Performances on Mobile Theater Trailers

2- Sending Mobile Theaters to 30 Provinces (a province a day)

3- Street Performances

4- Publishing The 1st Professional Children’s Theatrical Periodical

5- Performances in The Theater Center of Kanoon every day

6- Publishing the book “4 Decades of Kanoon’s Theater”

– In Cultural & Artistic Centers of Kanoon

1- Establishing The Permanent Exhibition of Puppets Performed in those centers

2- Puppet Carnival by Children & Young Adult members of Kanoon centers

3- Stage & Street Performances in 770 Kanoon centers throughout the country

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