Attending the Storytelling Festival in Norway

Upated on :October 5, 2007

NowayDate: 3-9 May, 2007

The Story House Website:

The Norwegian Story House, compensating for their attendance in the 10th Festival, invited some authorities of the 10th storytelling festival to the Storytelling Festival in Norway in order to exchange the experiences regarding storytelling.


  1. Mr. Ali Khanjani
  2. Mr. Mohsen Fazli
  3. Ms. Nooshin Akhlaghi
  4. Ms. Narges Sheikhsofla


  1. Continuing cooperation with the Norwegian Story House with KANOON in the 11th and 12th festivals:
    1. Investigating the major differences between the Iranian and foreign festivals exploiting their experiences, one of the most crucial ones is the variety in the audience’s age range and their performances.
    2. Exchanging storytellers between Iran and Norway.
    3. Counseling the well-known storytellers in the world and inviting them to attend Kanoon’s storytelling festivals.
    4. Collaborating with other countries to publish books.

  1. Counseling the Oslo Library to cooperate with Kanoon.

Counseling the Dom Publishing Company which is one of the major children’s publishers in Norway.

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