Audience’s view on the first day of the festival

Upated on :March 5, 2013

The first day of the 8th Tehran international animation festival was enthusiastically embraced by huge number of producers and people.

Talking about the animation screened in the panorama1, Mohammad Saber who is the animator of “Dandelion” animation said that though he is not a professional animator to judge, he found the movie quite irrelevant for kids due to its confusing effects and boring light movements. However its stop motion technique that was used to transform frame by frame photography to film was interesting.

Hormoz Haghighi, author and animation instructor criticized the lack of catalogs and brochures and said that he couldn’t find any information about the screened animations. He added that though he did not participated in the festival, 12 of his students have submitted their films.

Referring to obstacles in the path of animation in Iran, he said that the main problem is that administrators of this field are not expert.

Comparing  this year of the festival with its last years Saeed Zare, editor of Mehrdad Sheikhan’s film said that this round is more crowded and has a student atmosphere which is kind of hard for him to get along with. He said that he prefers to meet his animator friends.

A graphic student also complained about the lack of catalogs and brochures and added that because of the high number of animations it’s so difficult to remember the titles and directors. He said that the most interesting animation for him was the one combining techniques and paints and appearance of the picture behind them.


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