Creative Entertainments and Games

Upated on :October 6, 2009

Iranian National Dolls (Dara & Sara)

Toys and games are interactive tools which have been produced in Kanoon for a long time. Since children and young adults seem highly interested in computer games, Kanoon have also been involved producing such games. Therefore, Kanoon has provided a great opportunity for the experts and scholars involved in producing toys and computer games. The […]


The Traditional Games Conference in Tunis

Upated on :October 5, 2009

Traditional and aboriginal games have valuable effects on children’s and teenagers’ mental, physical, moral, and social growth and develop their imaginations. In fact, traditional and local games can be an adequate source of teaching and training children and teens.


Animation Training Workshop in Lebanon

Upated on :October 5, 2009


Country: Lebanon Venue: Moosa Sadr Institute Date: 2-14 July 2009 Dispatched Delegate: Behzad Farahat This workshop was held by the Kanoon’s dispatched delegate to train the teachers at the Moosa Sadr Institute how to produce animated movies and how to transfer this art to their students in future to develop their talents in this art. […]


A Training Workshop of “The Principles of Creative Games and Entertainments and Computer Software” in Beirut, Lebanon

Upated on :October 4, 2008


In order to promote cultural propinquity among Islamic countries, two Kanoon representatives traveled to Beirut, Lebanon in July, 2008 to perform a workshop on “Training the principles of creative games and entertainments and computer software” in Al-Mahdi Institute for 10 days.