Six Iranian books are assigned as Hong Kong schools’ side studies

Upated on :July 23, 2011

Kanoon’s six books have been translated in Chinese and published by a Hong Kong publisher and have been assigned as side studies for schools in Hong Kong. Kanoon’s Public Relations reports that these books’ copyright was sold to a Hong Kong publisher, Cotton Tree, during the 20th International Book Fair in Hong Kong last summer, […]


Zagreb admires the Iranian children book illustrations

Upated on :August 30, 2010

The illustrations of Kanoon’s three books are being exhibited in the 3rd Zagreb Book Illustration Exhibition, held every two years in Croatia.


Narges Mohammadi’s Work known throughout the world

Upated on :April 25, 2010

Narges Mohammadi gained the opportunity of publishing her work on the cover of CJ illustration competition overview book. This book is a compilation of three-year-activities of this festival. The second country that sent in the largest number of works was Iran. The total number of 2nd CJ Picture Book Award entries came to 1,565 from […]


Hamidreza Shahabadi in BIB 2009 Symposium with “Merajname”

Upated on :April 24, 2010

The festive opening of the 22nd Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava took place ;meanwhile, exhibiting the BIB Grand Prix winners of the previous year, the winners of H. CH. Andersen Prize for the year 2008 and a collection of Noma Concours illustrations. After awarding the prizes the event continued by the meeting of the International Committee […]


Iranian Illustrators at the 2010 Bologna ILLUSTRATORS EXHIBITION

Upated on :April 20, 2010

Iranian Illustrators at the 2010 Bologna ILLUSTRATORS EXHIBITION
The Bologna Illustrators Exhibition offers a broad picture of the most innovative trends in children’s illustration at a world level.

Created by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, since 1967 it has offered artists from all over the world a unique opportunity to display their talent to key players in the sector who come to Bologna every year for the most important trade show for the exchange of copyrights for children’s literature.
Established artists and emerging talents are selected by an authoritative international jury consisting of publishers, artists and museum directors.
Fiction and non-fiction exhibited works are published in the Annual, a convenient reference tool that publishers use year-round. They will also be part of the traveling shows organized by JBBY (Japan Board on Books for Young People) in several Japanese museums, in Korea and other venues currently under study.

In this edition, the international jury, composed of experts in publishing, design, art, and illustration has selected 87 artists from 19 countries, among them there were two Iranian Artists;

– Ms. Afra Nobahar, the illustrator of “My beautiful Scarecrow” published by Kanoon in 2009
– Mr. Hasan Amekan , unpublished work
were the two selected artists from Iran.
The Bologna Children’s Book Fair, renowned for its special focus on children’s book illustration, together with the SM Foundation, whose intention is to promote children’s books and reading, have joined force to create the Bologna Children’s Book Fair – SM Foundation International Award for Illustration for the first time.
The aim of the award is to support the illustration work of young artists (under the age of 35), the special quality of whose work has yet to be acknowledged.
This annual award will be granted to one of the illustrators selected each year from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition.
The award, a 30,000-dollar cash prize, will be assigned by an international jury of experts, which will meet in Bologna during the Fair. The winner will be announced at the Fair. In addition, the winner will be offered the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book, which will be published by Grupo SM and presented the following year at the fair. A special exhibition will also be organized to highlight the work of the winning artist.

The International Jury decided to award the Illustration Prize of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair/Fundación SM to the work of Philip Giordano, an Italian artist who moves masterfully between the cultural idioms of the past with their graceful alchemy of the most delicate pictorial allusions, and a refined present from which the artist draws his citations of great moments of modern art.


The Illustration of “Solomon the Prophet of God “Selected in Barreiro 2009”

Upated on :April 6, 2010

It is necessary to mention that, Ms. Narges Mohammadi, winner of second prize in Noma 2006, was selected in the last year Barreiro competition as well and this is her second honor in 2009 after winning the first prize of CJ festival in Korea.


Selected Kanoon’s Books in The 45rd Golden Pen of Belgrade

Upated on :January 23, 2010

10th International Biennial of Illustration ; ” The 45rd Golden Pen of Belgrade “, organized by Serbian Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers, entered the KANOON’s 4titles in its 2009 catalogue ..

– So much noise (illustrated by Alireza Goldouzian)
– The colorful whirligigs and straw baskets (illustratated by Sharareh Khosravani)
– Secrets of Monotheism (illustrated by Hasan Amekan)
– Rotating Mill (illustrated by Intelaq M. Ali)

Among non-Kanoon works, the illustrations of “The little Girl” by Ms. Maliheh Eynali and “Everybody’s Baby” by Anahita Taymourian have entered in the catalogue too.
“ So much noise” illustrated by Alireza Goldouzian, was previously selected as the 50 winners of the second round of CJ festival in Korea.


The Illustrations of “Solomon the Prophet of God” Selected in Barreiro Biennale 2009

Upated on :January 20, 2010

A high prestigious jury selected Hasan Amekan, Rashin Kheyrieh, Azadeh Madani, Narges Mohammad and Ali Amekan among 1400 illustrators from 59 countries. From this ranking, the superb pictures of “Solomon the Prophet of God” illustrated by Ali Amekan from an outstanding book recently published by Kanoon emerges. Selection of Ms. Narges Mohammad, winner of second […]


“Deer Hunter” and “So much Noise” winners of 2nd CJ Picture Book Festival

Upated on :January 18, 2010


In CJ book festival any illustrator with three illustrations are to be entered through the homepage. In the 1st round 100 and in the 2nd round of reviews approximately 50 entries will be selected. In final selection, the panel will select five works based on the originals sent in by the finalists, as award winners.
Award-winning artists from Korea and abroad will be able to link up directly with publishers from other countries as well as their own, and expand their chances of publication with the subsidy. Finalists will also gain a shot at publication though their inclusion in the CJ Picture Book Award Catalogue, and publishers from all over the world will gain an opportunity to discover fresh new talent.
Please refer to the official homepage for further guidelines:


Figures Future

Upated on :October 6, 2009


La 4ème édition de la Biennale d’Illustration pour la Jeunesse est en marche. It is organized from 2003 in Portugal, and takes place every two years.  In this competition the best illustrations for children and young adults are selected from among the best work. In 2007, there were about 1500 participants from 60 different countries and the grand pize […]