Narges Mohammadi’s Work known throughout the world

Upated on :April 25, 2010

Narges Mohammadi gained the opportunity of publishing her work on the cover of CJ illustration competition overview book. This book is a compilation of three-year-activities of this festival. The second country that sent in the largest number of works was Iran. The total number of 2nd CJ Picture Book Award entries came to 1,565 from […]


“Deer Hunter” and “So much Noise” winners of 2nd CJ Picture Book Festival

Upated on :January 18, 2010


In CJ book festival any illustrator with three illustrations are to be entered through the homepage. In the 1st round 100 and in the 2nd round of reviews approximately 50 entries will be selected. In final selection, the panel will select five works based on the originals sent in by the finalists, as award winners.
Award-winning artists from Korea and abroad will be able to link up directly with publishers from other countries as well as their own, and expand their chances of publication with the subsidy. Finalists will also gain a shot at publication though their inclusion in the CJ Picture Book Award Catalogue, and publishers from all over the world will gain an opportunity to discover fresh new talent.
Please refer to the official homepage for further guidelines:


CJ Festival

Upated on :October 6, 2009


The CJ Culture Foundation opened the exhibitions for the 1st CJ Picture Book Festival at the Sungkok Art Museum in Seoul this year.    The CJ Picture Book Festival is not an event where the host monoplizes the rights of the winning entries.  All finalists as well as award winners are included in the officical catalog […]


CJ Picture book festival

Upated on :October 5, 2009

In order to support new and original picture books and their creators, and in order to enjoy picture books with people of all generations and nationalities, the CJ Culture Foundation opened the exhibitions for the 1st DJ Picture Book Festival at the Sungkok Art Museum in Seoul. 100 finalists for the New Publication category and […]