CJ Picture book festival

Upated on :October 5, 2009

In order to support new and original picture books and their creators, and in order to enjoy picture books with people of all generations and nationalities, the CJ Culture Foundation opened the exhibitions for the 1st DJ Picture Book Festival at the Sungkok Art Museum in Seoul. 100 finalists for the New Publication category and […]


Linda Wolfsbruger’s illustration exhibition

Upated on :October 4, 2009

An illustration exhibition of Linda Woflsbruger was held in Kanoon museum from June 10th to 17th 2006.
The week-long exhibition, featured her illustrations who is the winner of golden Apple of Bratislava illustration competition. In her six months workshops with Iranian illustrators 8 stories written by Austrian authors were illustrated.


Kanoon’s illustrations on display in Zagreb biennial

Upated on :January 4, 2008

The works have been selected from among 60 books including “Mazan”, “Blue-Eyed Little Boy”, and “The City of Snakes” by Farshid Mesqali, “The Prince Who Could Not Smile” by Narges Mohammadi, “Kuti Kuti Stories” by Hoda Haddadi, and “Big Soldier, Little Commander” by Mahkameh Shabani.

The books have been published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).

The biennial is organized under UNESCO support and in cooperation with the Croatian Section of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People).

Illustrations by 130 artists from across the globe including Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, and Italy have been exhibited for a month in the event.


Intelaq Mohammad Ali Illustrations

Upated on :October 6, 2007

The illustration exhibition of Ms. Intelaq Mohammad Ali, the Iraqi illustrator was held in museum of Kanoon from Oct. 6th to Nov. 11th of 2007. She has had some activities as follows: UNESCO Workshop: -UNESCO Workshop for Illustrators of Children’s Books – Beirut, 23 November – 3 December 2004. -UNESCO – BIB Workshop for Illustrators […]


Mantua Illustration Exhibition

Upated on :October 4, 2007

Kanoon book’s illustrations, presented in Mantova has been selected by the Institute for the Intellectual development of children and young adults known as Kanoon.
These illustrations have left us manuscripts decorated with the most beautiful paintings as a remembrance of our history. These books are an important part of our educational and artistic heritage in the world. The hand-written books are considered to be among the most valuable works of art and the other parts of the world from the point of view of book making , calligraphy, layout , cover , book binding and especially illustrations. Iranian artists have been able to create works of art that have achieved a great number of outstanding international recognitions. The contemporary Iranian illustrators have been able to create many beautiful and valuable children’s books by using various techniques, expertise and experience in this field.
This exhibition showcases the recent works by 42 of the finest Iranian illustrators of children’s literature. The pictures were chosen for their originality and their artistic and technical merit.



Upated on :October 4, 2007

IRAN RUSSIA BILATERAL ILLUSTRATION EXHIBITION This exhibition represents the most popular and common tendecies in modern Russian book illustration. It is formed by the works made in the last few years by modern Russian illustrators ranging from the most distinguished elders of our profession to young people just beginning their way in book art. Some […]


Illustration Exhibition of Alain Bailhache (The French Illustrator)

Upated on :September 10, 2006

An illustration exhibition of Mr. Alain Bailhache the french illustrator was held in Kanoon from September 10th to 11th 2006. Along with this exhibition a meeting was held. In this meeting Mr. Hemati Ahooee the manager of Graphics Dept. of Kanoon and some illustrators participated. Alain Bailhache has illustrated many of Kanoon’s books like “Dady […]