Upated on :August 16, 2009

CIFEJ as an International Film Center for Children and Young People was founded in 1955 with the support of UNESCO and UNICEF to promote excellence in the Cinema for children.

CIFEJ is an independent, non-governmental and non-political organization with 156 members from 56 countries.

CIFEJ is a significant place for film producers, directors and those who are interested in this field to exchange ideas.

Kanoon has been an active member of high position in this international organization for several recent years.

The 50th Anniversary of CIFEJ and its 2005 GA was hosted by Kanoon and was known as the best general assembly in CIFEJ life. Kanoon also was the host of the last CIFEJ board meeting on March- April 2009.

Mr. Chiniforoushan, the Managing Director of Kanoon has been a member of the board and the Vice President of CIFEJ for two years.

Kanoon is also a candidate for hosting the new Head Quarter of CIFEJ.

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