Film makers and producers to present their capabilities in the 4th Islamic film market

Upated on :January 18, 2013

The Islamic film market could be a great opportunity for Muslim producers and union members to exchange constructive ideas and prepare the ground to get to know their commonalities for joint investment, coproduction and reduction of acquisition costs.

According to the secretariat report, exchange of ideas, sharing technical breakthroughs and experiences and direct supply of media productions can be a considerable step that should be based on the significant strategy of the Islamic unity of media atmosphere.

The 4th Islamic market will host 100 institutions and TV networks as stand holders and buyers from Afghanistan, Iran, UEA, UK, Bahrain, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Netherland, India and Yemen.

It is worth to mention that a report assessed the participants’ creativity of the third market as excellent, good, average and weak that Kanoon was evaluated as excellent. The report was published by Islamic radio and television union market in a booklet and distributed among participants. Kanoon will present its latest product in the 4th market which will be held on September 23-25, 2012 in IRIB convention center.


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