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Flying grandma

Flying grandma


Original Title: Madarbozorg Parandeh

Written/Directed/ Designed by: Fatemeh Goudarzi

Edition: Saeed Pour-Esmaeili

Photography: Mohammad-Rahim Bakhtiari

Animator: Fatemeh Goudarzi

Graphic: Fatemeh Goudarzi

Sound: Mahmoud Mohaghegh

Music: Nima Hosseinzadeh

Production Manager: Mohammad Toloo’

Executive Director: Mohammad-Reza Karimi-Saremi

Production Company: KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults)

2006, cartoon, 35mm., Color, 12min.


Grandma comes to their home; the kid doesn’t pay any attention to her until he finds about her friends.


• The Almaty International Film Festival “ Shaken’s Stars”, 9-13 Sep., 2006, Republic of Kazakhstan (Competition Section)

• Cinema tou-en fant, 28 Oct., 5 Nov., 2006, Switzerland (Competition Section)

• 23rd annual Chicago Int’l Children’s Film Festival, 19-29 Oct., 2006, USA (Competition Section)

• 20th Cinekid Int’l Children’s Film, T.V. and new Media Festival (Non-Competition Festival), 22-29 Oct., 2006, The Netherlands

• 29th Clermont Ferrand Int’l Film Festival (Sauve Qui Peut le Court Métrage), 26 Jan- 3 Feb., 2007, France (Ecoles et enfants)

• 5th Tehran Int’l Animation Festival, 25 Feb., 1 March 2007, Iran (Int’l Competition Section)

• 17th Cairo International Children Film Festival, 1-8 March 2007, Egypt (Competition Section)

• 10th Flying Broom Int’l Women’s Film Festival (Ankara), 10- 20 May 2007, Turkey (Special Screening of Women Animators)

• LUCAS 2007 – 30. International Children’s Film Festival, 23- 30 Sep., 2007, Germany (Official Competition)

• 24th Carrousel Int’l du film de Rimouski, 23- 30 Sep., 2007, Canada (Competition Section)

• CICDAF, 28 Sep., 1 Oct., 2007, 28 Sep., 1 Oct., 2007, China (Official Competition Section)

• Discovery Scotland’s International Film Festival for Children and Young People, 9- 20 Oct., 2007, Scotland (Non-Competition Section)

• 17eme Festival de films pour Eveiller les Regards Aubervilliers, 12-18 Nov., 2007, France (Non-Competition Section)

• 7th Wissembourg Int’l Film Festival (RICA), 12-20 Nov., 2007, France (Short Films Section)

• Court, Cest Coutt 14eme recontres autour Court metrage (Avignion), 14- 18 Nov., 2007, France

• 14th International Film Festival “ETIUDA & ANIMA 2007”, 16- 22 Nov., 2007, Poland (Anima Section)

• 10th Int’l Film Festival for Children & Young Adults (Olympia), 1- 8 Dec., 2007, Greece (Int’l Competition Section)


 Best Animation Film Prize, Shared With a Czech Production, The Almaty International Film Festival “ Shaken’s Stars”, Republic of Kazakhstan, 2006  Golden Prize for the best film with the subject of children & young adults+ Cash Prize+ Honorary Diploma, 5th Tehran Int’l Animation Festival, 2007, Iran

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