Upated on :August 14, 2013



Written by: Asadollah Shabani

Illustrated by: Raheleh Barkhordari


Keikhosro, Siavash’s son, is now the king of Iran. He decides to take revenge of his father’s murder by the Tooranian. He dispatches Toos, as the commander of the Iranian army, to fight Tooran. At the same time, Forood sends a message to Toos, revealing that he is Keikhosro’s brother. Yet Toos does not believe Forood, who lives in Tooran and is a commander in Tooranian army. He kills him in a battle. After Forood’s death, all his army commits suicide, yet the Iranian army is repeatedly defeated at various battles.

Hearing of his brother’s death, Keikhosro ousts Toos and asks Rostam to take the command of Iranian army.



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