Hamidreza Shahabadi in BIB 2009 Symposium with “Merajname”

Upated on :April 24, 2010

The festive opening of the 22nd Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava took place ;meanwhile, exhibiting the BIB Grand Prix winners of the previous year, the winners of H. CH. Andersen Prize for the year 2008 and a collection of Noma Concours illustrations.

After awarding the prizes the event continued by the meeting of the International Committee and an inseparable part of BIB – International Symposium and a miscellany from this Symposium was prepared.

The theme of the International Symposium was The Relationship between Illustration and the Text and Mr. Hamidreza Shahabadi, writer, editor and Director of publication department of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults was the only delegate of kanoon with Mirajnameh, The story of a journey that Prophet Mohammad took to the Heavens (Mi’raj).

The pictorial characters used in Mi’râj-Nâme are so interesting and noticeable that nowadays, some of the Iranian painters in drawings in religious children’s books get their ideas from. Among them Parviz Haseli’s and Parviz Eghbali’s works can be named. Also the American writer and painter Charlotte Du Marks Hunt (Demi) in drawings in the book of Mohammad clearly took models from Mi’raj-Name.

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