Honor Diploma for “Grofalo” from Kanoon in the International Puppet Show Festival “Chodari Chayol” in Tajikistan, 2012

Upated on :May 13, 2012


“Grofalo”,  a puppet show by Kanoon, participated in the 3rd International Puppet Show Festival in Tajikistan, named, “Chodari Chayol in Dushanbe in April, 2012. It won an honor diploma for its creative performance and utilization of simple tools.

This play was a combination of gloves and shadows techniques.

In this cultural exchange, this theater group attended some meetings with Tajikistani Minister of Culture and other participating parties. Other participating groups were from Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, and the Republic of Tatarstan.

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