Iran to host 2014 International Biennial Children’s Art Competition & Exhibition

Upated on :January 26, 2014

Iran will host the seventh edition of International Biennial Children’s Art Competition & Exhibition under the themes of “travel” and “free subject” with the aim of encouraging children to create artworks, stimulate imagination and creativity of children as future makers, and promote their understanding of the environmental protection and its impact to the human life.
Organizing by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), this year’s competition has received about 4000 works from 30 countries from across the world.

Mexico with 1219, India with 481, Russia with 333 and Bulgaria with 257 paintings are the countries with the high number of submitted works in the contest.

Korea, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Hungary, Mexico, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Serbia, Slovakia, India, Romania, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Bangladesh, Lithuania, UAE, Turkey, Poland, the Philippines, and Thailand arecountries that have artworks of their children to Iran.

The participated children are in four groups of 3-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13-16 years old.

The seventh Kanoon International Biennial Children’s Art Competition & Exhibition



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