Iranian Children’s Cultural Week in Qatar 2004

Upated on :October 6, 2004

Country: Doha, Qatar

Date: 2004

Delegates: Abolghasem Valinejad, Ehsan Zandi Goharrizi


Along with negotiations with Qatar authorities, the Cultural Week was held in the festivals location in Badeh Park in Doha, Qatar, presenting some Kanoon’s products. Kanoon’s stand was welcomed more warmly compared to other programs of the festival. An art trainer introduced Kanoon’s artistic activities, presenting Kanoon’s cultural products, Sara and Dara dolls, and their equipments.


Kanoon’s books, useful entertainments, and Dara and Sara dolls were displayed.


Dara and Sara masks and a flower basket with Kanoon’s emblem were gifted to the visitors. After the program was over in Badeh Park, a similar program was performed in Al-Bakreh Park for Qatari families and children, which was also warmly welcomed. The greatest program performed by the group was in Shahid Beheshti Sports Complex for 2000 Iranian students and teachers and their families in Qatar, where the Iranian Cultural Counselor had invited some Qatari cultural authorities and some students from various schools. There was also a meeting to discuss some 50 agreements on translating some of Kanoon’s books into Arabic and publishing them as well as other Kanoon’s activities.

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