Iranian Children’s Cultural Week in Turkmenistan 2002

Upated on :January 24, 2002

Country: Eshghabad and Marv cities, Turkmenistan

Date: 2002

Dispatched delegates: Rahmatollah Alibeigi, Mohsen Tolou – Behboud, and Mohsen Haji – Hatam


The Iranian Children’s Cultural Week was held in Ehsghabad, Turkmenistan to establish a cultural-artistic exhibition for children and young adults. This was the first experience of Kanoon and the Iranian Counselors abroad. This joint venture was successfully performed in Turkmenistan.

The total children and young adults visiting Kanoon’s stands was 5000 during 8 days, and there were also some enthusiastic visitors due to their professions.

There were also some artists, researchers, and painters visiting Kanoon’s stands.  Some of them attended the stands everyday.


After the inauguration of the exhibition, Kanoon’s stands were of great interest to the visitors due to the variety of activities and facilities there.

There were visitors from a variety of sources:

a.      a group of students and teachers from schools , 70%

b.     a group of visitors were visiting along with their families , 20%

c.     a group of visitors were visiting with their friends and acquaintances 10%

The exhibitions included:

o       Kanoon’s entertainments, a total of 21 titles including 55 pieces

o       Kanoon’s and non-Kanoon’s books, a total of 534 titles, 2696 books

o       4 pictures of the first Iranology Exhibition, regarding the Iranian figures

o       24 selected Iranian children’s paintings in frames


The painting workshop was one of the most active sections of the whole exhibition. It was so warmly welcomed that there were 600 paintings produced and framed at the end of the workshops, most of which were hung on the walls of the exhibition.


50 films in various genres were shown.


The dispatched group attended the following sessions and visited some centers:

o       They attended the Music Theater in Eshghabad, invited by Eshghabad Mayor.

o       They visited some entertaining and cultural centers in Eshghabad.

o       They attended some consulting sessions with the Iranian Counselor in Eshghabad.

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