Iranian Children’s Friendship Week in Armenia 2005

Upated on :June 6, 2005

Country: Armenia, Iravan

Date: 2005

Delegates: Mohammad  Ali Zare`, Mehrdad Haddadi Jalalabadi, Fatemeh Zamani Ghasemabadi


The Iranian children’s Friendship Week was held Arnobabajanian Theater, Iravan, Armenia, and was inaugurated by the Iranian Ambassador and Counselor, the Armenian Minister of Education and Science, and a group of Iranian and Armenian cultural,scientific elite.


Exhibitions included Kanoon’s books, creative entertainments, children book illustrations, and Iranian children’s paintings.


Some workshops of Islamic designs, thread collage, cloth collage, paper and fold, puppet making, design on gunny bags, paper and slices, print painting, mask making, seal printing, weaving short-napped coarse carpets, weaving rugs, and Iranian local clothes collage.


25 films produced by Kanoon were shown.


  • Echmiadzin Church in the old town, Echmiadzin
  • Children’s Aesthetic and Artistic Training Center of Armenia
  • School 59 in Iravan managed by Mr. Salem Wel Adamian
  • Meeting the Minister of Education and Sciences, Mr. Sergo Gertisian, at the Ministry of Education and Sciences
  • Segei Parajanov Museum
  • The Kabood Comprehensive Mosque in Iravan


Over 2000 Armenian students visited the programs of the Friendship Week in Iravan.

The delegates attended a T.V. interview along with the Armenian Cultural Manager of the Ministry of Education and Sciences. The Minister of Education and Science gifted some Armenian wooden handcrafts.

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