Iranian Children’s Cultural Week in Bosnia 2004

Upated on :September 4, 2004

Country: Bosnia

City: Sarajevo

Date: 2004

Delegates: Rasool Ferghedani, Javad Sepehrinejad, Mohsen Haji Hatam, Maryam Farrokhi


Attended by the Minister of Education, the Minister of Culture, the Vice President of the Islamic Community, the Head of Bosnian Women Party, and the IRI Ambassador in Bosnia, Iranian Children’s Cultural Week was inaugurated in two buildings of Korshomelia and Khanghah, performing a play by Bosnian children and some Bosnian lecturers.


Some book illustrations, children’s paintings, useful entertainments, Kanoon’s books, an introduction to the Silk Road project, some Bosnian organizations’ cultural activities, an introduction to some Iranian-Islamic famous figures, some Iranology pictures, and some historical events were presented.


Painting and pottery workshops were held.


Kanoon’s movies were shown.


The bookstore, toy store, Kanoon’s useful entertainments and Dara and Sara dolls, Ave Sina Cultural Products stand, and some Bosnian cultural-artistic institutes’ stands were active. 1500 to 2000 Bosnian people including children, students, reporters, and mass media visited the program everyday.

9 book titles were translated into Bosnian language.

Some worksheets were prepared beforehand and distributed among the visitors attending the workshops to encourage them to work more accurately.

The painting workshop was especially amazing to the visitors, specially the martyrs’ children due to the trainer’s experience and performance and could encourage them to visit the workshop twice.

There were held some cultural-artistic discussion panels among Bosnian authorities at Khanghah School. They criticized the books which were recently translated into Bosnian.

A few interviews were done with Kanoon’s delegates.


–         Golestan Training Center and their authorities

–         Braga district

–         Verlo district

–         Konitsa town

–         Moslem Women Party and their main members

–         Some other countries’ ambassadors’ wives in Sarajevo and inviting them to the IRI Embassy

–         One of Bosnian sages

Ministry of Education authorities in Sarajevo

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