Jinjanbor, the New Year’s Chick

Upated on :August 3, 2014

Written by: Marjan Fooladvand

Illustrated by: Alain Baihache

Translated by: Siamak Mazloomi

Everybody knows the myth of the two horses in the sea. Yan has also heard their story. They look like the waves in the sea. When his ship is sinking, he wishes that the myth were a reality. The myth is actually real. Many years ago, Jinjanbor met the captain, took him to a strange island and promised to lead him to the beautiful guard of the sea. When the captain met the guard under the sea, he did not want to come back to the shore. They both changed into the horses guarding the sea and saved those who were drowning at the sea. When Yan opens his eyes again, he finds himself lying on the beach safe and sound. The myth seems to be real.

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