Kanoon in Ghana Cultural Week

Upated on :February 20, 2012

Kanoon in Ghana Cultural Week

On Wednesday, 1 February 2012, at the time of the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s cultural week was held in Ghana. It was inaugurated by the Iranian Anthem performed by the IRI students at Ekra National Museum, attended by Mr. Alexander, the Minister of Culture, Mr. Chief Isa, Ms. Boya, the Deputy Minister of Ladies and Children, Mr. Soleimani, the Iranian Ambassador in Ghana, Mr. Abbas Ali Afsari, the Iranian Cultural Consultant at the National Museum in Ghana, and Kanoon’s representative, Mr. Hamid Navaii, the author and the  expert, Mr. Hojat Tarasodi, the Art Director of the Tehran Municipal Administration of Culture and a member of the Iranian Photographers’ Association, Mr. Mohammad Reza Islamparast, a member of the Iranian Graphic Designers’ Association dispatched by the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, and some 200 other cultural, artistic, religious, or social people interested in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

After a few verses o Koran were recited, the Manager of the National Museum representing the Artistic Relations between Ghana and Iran Group welcomed and congratulated the Islamic Revolution in Iran and admired the mutual cultural and artistic cooperation between the two. After some lecturers, Chief Isa, representing the Chiefs Council, congratulated the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and stated that the Revolution led by Imam Khomeini is universal and beneficial to all the countries and social movements all around the world. He also appreciated Iran’s contribution to Ghana through cultural consultation, Iranian Health Center, the Islamic University, agricultural movement, etc. On February 1, the cultural and religious figures from Iran and Ghana had a meeting, started with one minute silence to respect Imam Khomeini.

It was unprecedented in Ghana for the Minister of Culture, the Deputy Minister of Ladies and Children and 250 cultural, religious, and social figures to attend the inauguration ceremony of the cultural week of a foreign country. The overwhelming crowd gathered at the museum venue indicated Moslems’ and Liberians’ care for the Islamic culture and surprised everybody. The fair was broadcasted by two TV channels, and Ghana National TV reported the lectures and programs at the fair at 18:30 and 20:30. The TV channel, Net Two, also covered the news completely.  The inauguration ceremony of the Iranian cultural week in Ghana was indeed a real Islamic conference since most social, cultural and religious figures spoke of the position of Iran in the world and Imam Khomeini’s doctrine.

On February 3, a scholastic meeting was held at Ghana Artists Union where Kanoon’s representative, other dispatched artists, some 30 art professors and students participated.

104 book titles, 34 entertaining games, computer games, the new and old generations of Sara and Dara dolls, the introduction of Kanoon package, and Kanoon’s library activities were exhibited and introduced in a separate booth.

A variety of workshops such as mask, collage, creative painting, etc. were held by Kanoon’s dispatched employee.

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