Loyal and Disloyal Friends

Upated on :January 27, 2010

rafigh-o-narafighIllustrator: Rashin Kheyrieh

Author: Mohammad Ali Jafari

Encouragement Prize, Noma , 2008

Once upon a time, two friends decided to look for a job from city to city. They prepared every provision and set off. They went a long way and reached to a fountain and decided to take a rest. They wanted to eat and drink something. One of them said, “It’s better not to unpack both our baggages lest our bread will go stale soon. It’s better to unpack one of our baggages and eat one of our food supplies, and when it’s over, we’ll eat the other one.” The other one replied, “It doesn’t make any difference. It’s alright with me.” The first one suggested, “So you take out your food supply first and then we’ll eat mine later.”

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