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Original Title: Mahouri

Writer/ Director: Fatemeh Goudarzi

Animator: Fatemeh Goudarzi, Noushin Karbalaee, Elahe Mohammad Khani

Intermediate Animation: Elahe Mohammad Khani

Composite Animation: Ehsan Gharib

Editor/Graphist: Fatemeh Goudarzi

Sound Mixing: Mehrshad Malakouti

Music: Kaivan Honarmand

Production Manager: Mohammad Toloo’

Executive Producer: Mohammad-Reza Karimi-Saremi

Production Company: KANOON (Inst. for the Intellectual Dev. Of Children & Young Adults)

2009/Color/2D Computer Animation (Paper animation with water color on paper), DVD, 35mm, Optic, Mono, 1:1/85, non-verbal (Speechless), 12min.




Playing an instrument, an adolescent boy is not happy with the sound of his music. To solve the problem and find a pleasant sound of an instrument he sets foot on a way that…





  • Fajr International Film Festival, 2009, Tehran- Iran
  • Roshd International Film Festival, 2009, Iran
  • Rahmat, National Film Festival Tabriz, 2009, Iran 
  • Short Film Corner (Cannes Bazaar), France, 2009
  • Khaneh Cinema National Film Festival, 2010, Iran
  • The 13th Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan, 7-11 August 2010, Japan (Int’l Competition Section)
  • Festival International de Wissembourg, 15-23 Nov., 2010, France (Competition Section)
  • 28th Festival International du film d’Environnment, 24-30 Nov., 2010, France (Competition Section)
  • Festival du Court Metrage pour Jeune Public, de stains, 28 March- 8 April 2011, France (Int’l Competition Section)
  • 9th Almaty International Film Festival, 11-15 May 2011, Republic of Kazakhestan (Animation for Kids)
  • 14th International Animation Films Festival “Animaevka”, Mogileve, 10-15 Sep., 2011, Belarus
  • 1st Tashkent International Film Forum “Golden Gueopard”, 19-25 Oct., 2011, Uzbekistan (Contest Program)
  • The 29th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino, 4-11 Dec., 2011, Poland (International Competition Section)




  • Golden Book, Honorary  Diploma and Golden Coin (Roshd International Film Festival, 2009, Iran)
  • Best Film, Honorary Diploma and 1,500,000 Tomans Cash Prize (Rahmat, National Film Festival Tabriz, 2009, Iran) 
  • Best Music of Animated Film (Rahmat, National Film Festival Tabriz, 2009, Iran) 
  • Best Music (Khaneh Cinema National Film Festival, 2010, Iran)
  • Honorary Diploma, 14th International Animation Films Festival “Animaevka”, Mogileve, 2011, Belarus









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