Mat-woven Baskets and Colorful Paper-mills

Upated on :April 20, 2010

Written by: Ahmad Reza Ahmadi

Illustrated by: Sharareh Khosravani

Selected in Belgrade 2009

The illustrations of this book are as appealing and imaginative as the story itself and attract the reader to go through the story.

The story is about a boy who has moved to a new neighborhood with his family. The boy had no friends, and his only playmate is the mat-woven basket which his father has given him. His sister is going to get married soon. His mother has made many colorful paper-mills, which the boy attaches to the basket.

The wind turns the paper-mills around and takes the basket, filled with the boy’s solitude and loneliness, into the sky, flying to his father, grandfather, bother, and sister’s husband. Finally, his wishes come true when everybody comes home on the first day of the New Year.

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