My Mom has Lost

Upated on :February 20, 2013

Written by: Mojgan Babamarandi


Illustrated by: Ghazaleh Marsoosi



The book is a collection of 7 short stories about the lives of teenagers who have some challenging problems. The book encourages the young adults to imagine themselves in the hero’s shoes and strive to find solutions for the problems. Here is a brief summary of the stories:

My Mom’s Lost

Leila is a girl whose mother has left her since she was quite young, yet she’s still looking for her mother everywhere…

Even the Crows Have Settled on the Moon

It is the story of a girl whose mother is at the hospital because of a heart attack. She continually reviews her memories of her mother and cannot imagine how to live on without her mother.

All the Windows Cried

The story narrates a cordial friendship between a little girl and a black crow, yet her mother thinks that black crows bring bad luck and is not satisfied with this friendship.

My Grandma Died in the Mirror

It is the story of a family who has moved to another house. The father has decided to rebuild their old house, which is full of their childhood memories.

I Wonder Who My Grandpa Was, a Pirate or an Indian?

The story is about the intimate relationship between a grandpa and a grandson who always go to the park to take a walk. Once, the grandpa runs into an old friend and starts talking about the past. The little boy then overhears that his grandpa has grown up in an orphanage and is disappointed because he didn’t know the fact.

My Mom Was a Perfume Which Evaporated

The story narrates the life of a girl whose mother has recently died, which is quite unbearable for her. She recalls her mother’s memories all the time.


It is the story of a lazy student who cannot concentrate on the lessons in the classroom and always make excuses not to go to school.  For instance, he complains that he doesn’t like his teacher, or the way to school is too far and boring, and so forth. His father wants to make him understand that his problem is not the school or the route to school, so he changes his school, but the boy is still naughty and careless.


My Mom has Lost

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