Participating at the International Storytelling Conference in India

Upated on :October 5, 2005


Date: 2005

City: New Delhi

The call-for-papers of the International Storytelling Festival in India, in two sections of storytelling and research articles, was translated and presented to the cultural deputy to be distributed among the selected experts and storytellers of all the provinces in Iran. (

Subject of the Conference:

  • Expressing cultures through storytelling.
  • Exploring various cultures.
  • Storytelling aimed at a better world.

The Iranian Attendants:

  • Sohrab Khajehnejad, with the article “Silence in Iranian Storytelling“.
  • Marzieh Pouladi, with the story “Bar Siavash“, a story about constellations, applying a veil which was decorated with some silver powder as stars and a women’s uniform which was shaped as a book with some cloth in the same color.
  • Maasoumeh Haghseta’s storytelling, “Shahnameh: The Battle of Rostam and Sohrab“, narrating the story, using some paintings.

The Attendants from Other Countries:

20 other people from various countries: France, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Nepal, America, England, The Philippines, Israel, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, Uganda, Taiwan, Turkey, etc.


  • Achieving the experience of various technique and methods of storytelling from different countries.
  • Inviting Ms. Jafa to attend the 10th Storytelling Festival in Iran.

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