Rostam and Isfandiar

Upated on :August 14, 2013

Written by: Marjan Fouladvand

Illustrated by: Pejman Rahimizadeh


King Gashstasb has promised his invulnerable son, Isfandiar, to be his substitute, but since Isfandiar always wins all challenges and battles, his father devises new challenges for him. He eventually sends him to fight Rostam, who has always been serving Iran and Iranian people. Although Isfandiar would not like to hurt Rostam, he eventually injures Rostam. The phoenix helps Rostam and gives him the solution to kill Isfandiar. It tells Rostam that only Isfandiar’s eyes are not invulnerable. Thus, he throws an arrow to hit his eyes and kills him.


Rostam & Isfandiar

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