Selection of Iranian Painting Works in International Children’s Art Competition “Hikari” Japan 2011

Upated on :May 23, 2012

      5 Iranian children were awarded “Special, Golden, Silver Prize and Honorary Diploma” at the 19th Annual World Children’s Picture Contest IE-NO- HIKARI Association on the themes of Agriculture, Farming Area, Nature, Environment, People, Family was held in Japan in 2011.

The contest this year provide a “ Special Prize” for the commemorative of the “International Year of Cooperatives”, the United Nations designation for the year 2012, with the addition of the new them of “Cooperation” to the themes of the contest. The prize has been awarded to 20 artworks that embody the theme.

Out of 25,773 entries from 71countries 5 Iranian artworks received these prestigious awards.

Kanoon took part in the competition with 200 works throughout the country.

The winners are as follows:

-Yasaman Elahi                      8 years old                    Memorial Prize for International Year  of Cooperatives

-Ali Feghi                                   7 years old                   Golden Prize

-Tina Sanaei                             8 years old                     Silver Prize

-Hamideh Khaksar                   11 years old                   Silver Prize

-Mohammad Ghane                 9 years old           Honorable Mention




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