Six Iranian books are assigned as Hong Kong schools’ side studies

Upated on :July 23, 2011

Kanoon’s six books have been translated in Chinese and published by a Hong Kong publisher and have been assigned as side studies for schools in Hong Kong.

Kanoon’s Public Relations reports that these books’ copyright was sold to a Hong Kong publisher, Cotton Tree, during the 20th International Book Fair in Hong Kong last summer, 2009.

Accordingly, Cotton Tree has published the book titles,”I ‘m the Same, I’m the Same” by Fariba Kalhor, “Loyal and Disloyal Friends” by Mohammad Ali Jaafari, “A Short Step to School” by Ali Akbar Irandoost, “A Bud on the Rug” by Ibrahim Hasanbeigi, “The Moon and The Fox” by Anahita Teimoorian, and “The Story of Kuti Kuti ” by Farhad Hasanzadeh in Chinese. The books include an extra worksheet which asks some questions about the stories and the illustrations of the books to be answered by the students with their teachers’ assistance. Publishing these books in Chinese in Hong Kong is considered significant since these books are going to be distributed among Hong Kong students and will provide them with some more information about Iranian culture. 

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