Sky Fairy

Upated on :January 16, 2009

Sky fairy

Sky fairy


Original title: Mah Banoo

Filmscript rewriting: Leila Mirhadi, Mohammad- Ali Talebi

Writer/ Director: Leila Mirhadi

Director of photography: Hassan Pouya

Sound recordist: Yadollah Najafi

Edition: Saeed Pour-esmaeili

Composer: Shahram Tavakoli

Sound/ Mix: Changiz Sayyad

Costume/ Set design: Behzad Kazazi

Make-up artist: Afarin Sadeghi

Production manager: Mohammad Toloo’

Executive Director: Mohammad-Reza Karimi-Saremi

Cast:  Parivash Nazariyeh          Baran

Amir-Hossein Maaloumi:    Captain Rashidi

Mehdi Ataran:                      Mohammad

Andia Arabkhouei:               Mahboubeh

Ebadollah Karimi:                Airport police

Soheila Kaliayee:                 Mohammad’s mother


And other native actors…


Production Company: KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual
Development of Children & Young Adults)

Production Company: Kanoon (Inst for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults) – Cinema Center



2009, Live-action, Fiction, 35mm, Color, 40min, 1:1.85






The enthusiasm to fly motivates the kids of the village to go to the airport every day.

Mahboobeh, head-strong and determined to fly, is expecting Sky Fairy. But no one believes in her expectancy. In keeping her hope alive, the sky is her venue. Is Sky Fairy coming?


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