Some of Kanoon’s Productions Presented in the Second Beijing International Film Market

Upated on :April 3, 2012

Along with the Beijing international film festival, the Second Beijing International Film Market was held in Beijing on April 24-26 in the national convention center of the city in China.

The market which contains different sections including exhibition, exchange of film industry projects and screening of films, negotiating and signing contract meetings hosted 200 representatives worldwide as stand holders, producers, distributers and experts of cinema.

Kanoon was the only Iranian participant of this three day event that attended the market along with approximately 100 film production companies.

“Mammy Crow and The Fox”, “The Fox Who followed The Sound”, “Life Story of Red Pencil”, “Kind Moon”, “The Bald Pigeon Fancier” and “Wedding Party” were Kanoon’s 2012 productions that presented in the market in addition to its previous productions.

It should be said that the First International Beijing Film Market was held last year for six days which was internationally praised.

The second market which has managed to host 334 films worldwide is a marvelous opportunity for trading, co production, new release negotiations, cultural exchanges among international film agencies and signing investment contracts.

It is hoped that taking cultural measures such as assignment of movies’ right and cultural exchange among international film agencies may prepare the ground for Kanoon to open up a new horizon in Asia.


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