Swap Your Sandwich with a Frog

Upated on :February 11, 2013

Written by: Group of Authors

Illustrated by: Group of Illustrators

  1. Swap your sandwich with a frog

The major character in the story is a teenager who notices some of his brother’s friends annoying a frog on the way back home from school. He offers them to swap his baloney sandwich for the frog to be freed in the pond in the park. Later, in his class, he regrets having swapped his sandwich for a stupid frog, but then he realizes that the sandwich was actually rotten and the boys are all sickened.

  1. The coffin

The coffin is the story of a man who attends a ghost-hunting session, and after he leaves the session, he has some hallucinations which come true. The audience at the end of the story comes to the conclusion that the ghost hunted at the beginning of the story was the ghost of the major character.

  1. Only half a cup

A young girl goes to a fortuneteller who can tell the future from a cup of coffee. The fortuneteller asks the girl some questions such as if she is married or if she love anybody. She tells the girl that she is kind and innocent. She tells her about her successes and failures in her life. She predicts the number of children she will have, her enemies, new events in her life, the candle fallen in her cup, the sun, the scorpion, the shoes, the ring, etc. The girl pays ten thousand tomans and jots down whatever the fortuneteller has said. When she leaves the session, her mind is haunted by the fortuneteller’s words. She looks down at the paper, and the paper flutters away like some white butterflies.

  1. Dare

Dare is the story of a daring, cheeky schoolboy who has been dropped out of school for his bullying around, misdeeds and misconducts by the principal and the disciplinary committee. He feels humiliated and does not want to give up, so he throws some stones to the windows and breaks them. The principal has already predicted the bully’s reactions and has called the police. At the end of the story, the boy is arrested.

  1. All white

A woman who has divorced his husband since has brought home his old mother to take care of has come back home alone. She is quite content to have split up and is quite delighted to be home again. A few hours later, the woman finds out that she has nothing in the house to eat, and it is too cold inside because the air-conditioner is out of work. She remembers that her husband was supposed to repair the air-conditioner and go shopping. She then misses her man.


Swap Your Sandwich with a Frog

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