Tehran 1500

Upated on :March 5, 2013

Tehran 1500 directed by Bahram Azimi will be screened in Tehran animation festival before public screening.  The movie is one of few Iranian animated feature films which stars professional actors. It also won the best artistic and technical achievement award from the 30th Fajr international film festival. Screening of this film which was produced by non-governmental organization will be regarded as an auspicious event in Iranian cinema.

The film is about a 160 year old man whose days are numbered and asks his grandchild who is studying at moon to come back to the earth.


Hedye Tehrani as Nazi, Mr. Akbar’s granddaughter

Bahram Radan as a taxi driver

Habib Rezaee as the owner of robot shop

Mohammad Reza Sharifinia as Enayat, who is in the business of graves.

Hesam Navab Safavi as Pouya, an underground singer.

Gohar Kheirandish as Melina, Nader’s sister

Mahtab Nasiri as Javad’s  mother

Mehran Modiri as Mr. Akbar who is 160 years old.


Other members of the cast:

Producer: Mohammad Abolhasani

Script: Amir Massoud Alamdari and Bahran Azimi

Edit: Bahram Azimi and Mehdi Hosseinivand

Animator: group work

Sound: Behrouz Shahamat

Music: Fardin Khalatbari

The movie will be screened on March 4, 2013 at 4 p.m. in Shahid Behnam movie theater in the artistic and cultural creation center of Kanoon.

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