Tehran animation festival has a high qualitative level

Upated on :March 5, 2013

Priit Parn’s evaluation on Tehran animation festival:


Tehran animation festival has a high qualitative level

Priit parn, winner of four international awards, believes that Tehran international animation festival has a high qualitative level. According to the international and public affair department of Kanoon, this famed Estonian director who is a member of international juries at the festival said that his evaluation is based on the presence of some valuable animations which can have a global reflection.

Referring to the variety of techniques used in Iranian animations he added that he used to think that Iranian animations had nothing to say, but his participation in the 8th round of Tehran festival completely changed his mind.

The four above mentioned awards that Parn has won are the lifetime achievement from ASIFA, Fredric Stat, Krako and Zagreb festival. He has also been jury in over 20 international animation and short film festivals. His films have won many international awards including special juries’ award at Zagreb international animation festival in 2004 and the grand award of the Ottawa international festival in 1998.

Parn who has been a member of European film academy since 2008 talked about the high place of Tehran animation festival in the world and added that as a part of global animation, Iranian animations have the capacity to show much more to the world thank to age of communication and internet.

Talking about judging the animations he said that it’s not done yet and panel of juries is still watching the animations. He concluded that he has a wide experience in different festivals and though there might be some slight disagreements among juries, they’ll try their best to make the best decision.

Priit Parn

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