The 15th International ASSITEJ Congress and Art Festival for the Youth in Montreal, Canada

Upated on :October 4, 2005

assitejKanoon attended the congress, represented by Mohammad Hossein Motekalem, the playwright and director of some plays produced at Kanoon’s Theater Center, residing in Canada. He as Kanoon’s delegate had the right to vote  for some reforms in the ASSITEJ constitution and chose the ASSITEJ president, the executive committee, and other authorities attending the ASSITEJ congress; moreover, he attended some professional theatrical panel discussions and some plays performed at the Art Festival for the Youth.

In his meeting with Wolfgang Schneider, the international ASSITEJ president and the German ASSITEJ president, Schneider emphasized a closer relation and cooperation between the Iranian and German ASSITEJ and wished to exchange artists between the two countries, reminding his visit to Iran and Kanoon two years ago, meeting some Kanoon’s authorities and Theater trainers and instructors. He claimed that Iran could perform more actively and play a vital role in ASSITEJ. Mentioning ASSITEJ Finance reports and teamwork authorities’ comments, he expressed his satisfaction and gratitude for the punctual membership payments from Iran and the spontaneous correspondences and reports of the theatrical news of ASSITEJ in Iran.

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