The 2nd Practical Workshop on “Educating Through Theater” by a German Professor

Upated on :January 20, 2010

Christel HoffmannThe German theater professor is having her second workshop for Kanoon’s (The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults) instructors in Iran.

Mrs. Professor Christel Hoffmann traveled to Tehran in 2006 and had a ten-day workshop on the topic “Education & Training through Theater” with presence of 24 theater instructors.

After three years in 2010 this German professor has returned to Iran. During the ten days she is here she wants to have a workshop with the same topics with different meanings and methods like characterization, character creation and acting language in different conditions and animals’ roles, language of gestures and signs, space & time practice (situation), the method of storytelling with play and scene construction. There are 30 Kanoon’s instructors and experts from all over Iran present in this workshop.

Professor Huffman was born in 1936 in Barcoo in Germany. She graduated in Art of Performance from University of Lypzic Theater in Germany and in her scientific and artistic history from 1959 to now; she had many positions like the advisor in performance art in Lypzic, advisor to the manager of Berlin’s Theater Center, scientific advisor to Berlin’s Visual Art Center, scientific responsible of the International communication of German Children & Young Adults Theater Center (1986-1990) and the manager of this office in her last year of responsibility, in charge of Educational & Training Center of Children & Young Adults Theater of Fribourg, The permanent spokesman of Theater University of Zurich in Switzerland (from 1994), lecturer of Educational Theater Institution of Science Applied University in Osnabrück.

Professor Hoffmann has worked on quite a few projects in these recent years in the area of theater like:

Carrying on educational theater course in Leander and an intensive course for acting instructors in Kusnsten Hogeschool foor de in Utrecht Holland (1990-1996), carrying out the project in Expansion of Children & Young Adults Theater in Urban Cultural Centers (1992-1999), creating the Bosnian Young immigrants Society (1993-1996), carrying out the project of Discovery & Test of Democracy in cooperation with youth Theater Grips all over Berlin (1996-1999) and production of seven European plays with the first performance in Berlin’s Art Academy (1998-2000).

Many papers and books by her in her professional field have been published.

The Honorable Professor’s Valuable Points of View:

-Children are the directors, writers, actors and specialists of their own plays. The difference between their plays and the adults’ plays is in their audiences because they act for themselves.

-Children are not tools in performance. There is a hidden educational aspect in performance for children and it is not correct for the adults to take control of children’s performance. This is selfish.

-Children show their nature in performance. Performing in theater originates from cooperation and we should pay attention to children’s character and take it seriously.

-For children experiencing the ancient traditions in the performance is necessary. People who don’t have a good past, their future would be short. When you introduce the eastern stories to the Iranian children, with the use of these performances they find out about the art of living.

-In the performance activities for children three main aims should be taken into consideration by instructors which are “good observation”, “internal view and how to show suitable reaction to the external events and observing” and finally “amazement and wonder”.

Professor Christel Hoffmann had started and experienced her performance activities with a group of three-year old children and was with them till they were 19 years old. In her opinion this was a period of time which brought her valuable experiences.

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