The 5th Tehran International Biennial Art Competition & Exhibition for Children and Young Adults -2007

Upated on :June 9, 2007

Painting and playing games are considered two joyful and attractive activities for children, because both are inspiring and done with interest and enthusiasm.


Toy drawing can provide inspiring creation; it can also reflect the pure and polychromatic world of children. Therefore the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults has selected the theme “Me and My Toys” for the 5th International Biannual Art Exhibition for Children and Young Adults.


Participation Rules:


1. Subject:” Me and My Toys”

2. The competition is open to children of the following age groups:

3-6 years old

7-9 years old

10-12 years old

3. Any technique and material is accepted (poster color, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil …)

4. Size of each entry: minimum 30*21 cm (A4) and maximum 70 *50 cm.

5. All entries should be received no later than February 19th, 2008





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