The 6th KANOON International Biennial Art Competition & Exhibition Tehran -2010

Upated on :June 9, 2010

The aim of the competition is to encourage children to create artworks, stimulate imagination and creativity of children as future makers, and promote their understanding of the environmental protection and its impact to the human life.


Participation Rules:

–  Themes: A) How can we protect the environment?

B) Free subject

– Eligibility:  The competition is open to children of the following age groups:

3-6 years old

7-9 years old

10-12 years old

13 to 16 years old

– Application: Any technique and material is accepted (poster color,

watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, print and …)

– Size: Minimum 30*21 cm (A4) and maximum 70*50 cm


– Deadline

All entries must be received no later than November 21, 2010.


* KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and

Young Adults) has the right to use the works of art.


for larger view , please click on the image.