The Beautiful Scarecrow

Upated on :April 13, 2010

Author: Sahar Anvari

Illustrator: Afra Nobahar

Selected in Bologna 2010

The scarecrow whose greatest wish is seeing the other side of the mountain is cut out from on top of the rod in the farm by a naughty goat. The scarecrow rides the goat going to the mountain. On the way there, the scarecrow feeds the goat with the hay in its belly. When they arrive the top of the mountain, the goat calls the scarecrow, but it doesn’t answer. The goat gets anguished and when they arrive the other side of the mountain fills its tummy with flowers and grass. The scarecrow revives, opens its eyes, and sees that its wish has come true. Now the scarecrow sees the other side of the mountain.

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