The Bird and the Fortune

Upated on :January 30, 2010


Recited by:  Davood Lotfollah

Illustrator: Bahram Khaef

Graphic design by:  Ali Khoshjam

Selected, BAIJ, 2004

The Bird and the Fortune” is a collection of poems by Davood Lotfollah.  The poems being recited particularly for teenagers include a variety of modern themes especially appealing to teenagers.  In its first poem “The Bird and the Fortune“, a bird’s life has been described in a cage.  It has been trained to pick one of the fortune cards every time it is ordered to and hand it to the passengers who are going to buy a fortune card from its owner.  The fortune card mysteriously reveals the passengers’ fortune, either good or evil.  Yet the poet is more concerned with the bird’s fortune itself.

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