The Chairs

Upated on :September 28, 2008

The Chairs

The Chairs

Original Title: Sandali- ha

Film script / Animator: Fatima Yasrebi

Writer: Nahid Jahazi

Edition: Elham Maleki, Fatima Yasrebi

Sound /Mix: Changiz Sayyad

Music: Kayvan Honarmand

Production Manager: Mohammad Toloo’ Behboud

Executive Director: Mohammad-Reza Karimi – Saremi

Blowup to 35mm: Studio  Kanoon

Production Company: KANOON (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults)

20 Dec2008; paper-2D computer animation 13 min, Optic, 35mm, non- verbal


A man enters different rooms; after a few minutes waiting at each room ,he is offered a chair to sit. He sits and some beautiful images are projected for him. He becomes tired of watching them and aspires to find a better place; so he leaves the rooms one by one till …


23rd Int’l Children Film Festival, 2009 Hamedan , Iran National Competition )

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