The Exhibition of Hans Christian Anderson Award Candidate Books in Kanoon

Upated on :July 29, 2012

As Kanoon with cultural and national points of view has always voluntarily supported the domestic and international activities, agreed to sponsor the only Iranian jury member of the Anderson Award 2012, by holding an exhibition of the candidate books.

The exhibition was set up, by holding a meeting in the honor of Mohammad Ali Baniasadi.  Baniasadi gained an appreciation from Kanoon as the only Iranian finalist of the event.

In this meeting, the necessary specifications of the books to be selected as finalists and the strong points of Baniasadi’s works were explained.

The second meeting was an assembly of experts looking over the works of the ten finalists and the two winners.

During the exhibition, the Managing Director of Kanoon, Rezaee, reviewed the books and promised to publish some winning titles of the world every year.  He also ordered to look into the issue of buying the copyright of “The Conference of Birds” by Attar, the Iranian poet, illustrated by Peter Sis the winner of the grand prize of Anderson 2012 in the illustration section.



     The Hans Christian Andersen Award, sometimes known as the “Nobel Prize for children’s literature”, is an international award given biennially by IBBY (the International Board of Books for Young People).     in recognition of a “lasting contribution to children’s literature“. There are two categories of award winners: authors, and illustrators.

     In addition to the Award, IBBY publishes a biennial “Honor List” of excellent new children’s books  selected by the different national sections of IBBY, and recognize excellence in writing, illustration and translation of children’s books.

     The only Iranian award winner of the prize is Farshid Mesghali the outstanding illustrator.  A collection of his works won the prize in 1974.

     In authors’ section Hooshang Moradi Kermani was encouraged by the jury members in 1992.  Other nominees of the prize were Mohammadreza Yousefi in 2000, Mohamad Hadi Mohammadi in 2006, Ahmadreza Ahmaedi in 2010 and in illustrators’ section Nasrin Khosravi in 2002.

Ahmadreza Ahmadi was the finalist of 2010 in authors’ section and Mohammad Ali Baniasadi in 2012 in illustrators’ section.

Tooran Mirhadi (1988, 1986, 1987, 1976), Sorayya Ghezelbash (1992), Mansoureh Raii (2000, 1998), Zohreh Ghaini (2044, 2002), Parnaz Nayeri (2006) and Sahar Tarhandeh (2012) were the Iranian jury members of the event.

In 2008 and 2010, Zohreh Ghaini the chairwoman of the Institute for the Children Literature History and a member of  the national section of IBBY was the head of Jury panel of Anderson Award.


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