The First International ELT Conference in the Islamic World Tehran, December 2010

Upated on :December 11, 2010

The First International ELT Conference in the Islamic World was held by The Iran Language Institute (affiliated with KANOON) in Tehran to exchange ELT researchers’ and teachers’ experiences and achievements and to develop cross-cultural communication.

This conference was held at the Cultural-Artistic Creation Center of Kanoon on 1-3 December, 2010. The ELT researchers and teachers from Iran and other countries introduced the most recent scientific and academic achievements and pedagogical and research methods and techniques in English Language Teaching.

On the first day afternoon, two workshops were held by Professor Carol Griffiths from New Zealand and Professor Dan Douglas from USA respectively on “Teaching for Success in ELT” and “Using Role-Plays to Assess ESP Speaking Ability.”

On the second day, these professors along with other prominent Iranian researchers and scholars, including Dr. Hossein Farhadi, the ex-professor at the Science and Industry University, who is still holding lectures at some Armenian and American universities, and Dr. Abdolmahdi Riazi, the professor at McQurrie University, Australia, presented lectures on the most recent achievements in ELT to the English language students and teachers.

The presentations involved subjects, such as academic skills in language learning, success in language learning, the use of electronic dictionaries and its merits and demerits, language imperialism and localizing the language, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), and the use of multimedia to improve reading skill in ELT.

Along with the lectures and workshops, 21 posters were presented by researchers from Cyprus, Lebanon, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, etc., which were exhibited in the conference.

The major subjects of the conference were Teacher Training Courses, Syllabus Design and Materials Development, Teaching Young Language Learners, English for Academic Purposes, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics.

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